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Loan Shark book cover

Loan Shark

Loan Shark contains explicit sexual scenes between men, strong language, dubious permission and is intended for adult readers only. Loan Shark isn’t for people with weak hearts or who are easily offended or shocked.

Kirill Pestov is a ‘teacher of life,’ not a thief, and only charges moderate fees for his valuable lessons in Britain’s capital. Hunting for a new student, he follows a tall man into a dark alley to educate him about gullibility and earn a few quid.

Liang Cheng deals in money, not forgiveness, and he hates being in debt. When the little thief leaves him with no money in an embarrassing situation, he vows to give Teacher a masterclass in humiliation.

Loan Shark was previously published as part of the ‘These Deviant Ties’ anthology.

Editor: Emma Jaye

Genres: MM Dark Romance, Psychological Thriller

Puppet Master

Sounds of the cello. Screams of pain. Screeching of metal cords holding the marionette in place.

Not breathing, he watches his doll perform for him.

Slender arms strain in position. Shark hooks pierce skin. Ribbons of blood flow down pale flesh.

Washed in tears, strained by body suspension, his doll is perfect.

This is his design, his performance. And the show won’t stop until he plays the final note.

Puppet Master was previously published as part of the ‘Unspeakable Desires’ anthology

Editor: Emma Jaye

Genres: MM Dark Romance, Horror, Psychological Thriller, Science fiction