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Egoist series

Dark. Twisted. Hot as Hell.


Egoist Series contains explicit sexual scenes between men, strong language, dubious permission, scenes of violence, drug usage, and is intended for adult readers only. Egoist series touches on the hard topic of Stockholm syndrome with all the pain and cruelty that comes along. This series isn’t meant for people with weak hearts or people who get easily offended or shocked. 

Reading order:

Book 1

Love of the Egoist by Nero Seal
Love of the Egoist (Egoist 1)

Book 1.5

Acceptance of the Egoist by Nero Seal
Acceptance of the Egoist (Egoist 1.5)

Book 2

Obsession of the Egoist by Nero Seal
Obsession of the Egoist (Egoist 2)

Book 2.5

Pursuing the Egoist by Nero Seal
Pursuing the Egoist (Egoist 2.5)