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And After Death…

And After Death Animated cover
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The world has died in 2025.

The armies of zombies are tracing streets in the urge to satisfy the blood thirst. The probably last survivor in the whole world enters the abandoned house where finds the diary.

The diary that reveals the horrible story of love and death, the last kindness in the world.

Published in October 2016

ISBN: 9781370197873


Genres: Psychological drama, Horror, Tragedy, Dark Romance, LGBT

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His eyes are burning with desire. His body craves my touch. He is moaning with passion when I’m kissing his tightly bandaged mouth. He avidly leans forward to taste me better. He wants to taste the sweetness of my lips.

I want it too.

I don’t know what is wrong and what’s right anymore. Why do I keep him tied up? Why did I gag him? He obviously wants to tell me something. He wants to feel the hotness of my tongue inside his numbed, cold mouth.

He wants to sleep with me but every time we lie down he wants to make love.

I start to lock him away in the bathroom at nights.