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Iblis’ Affliction

Iblis' Affliction - ebook cover
Iblis' Affliction - paperback cover


Iblīs (Arabic إبليس)—the primary devil in Islam.

“If you sleep with the Devil, don’t expect to get out of hell.”

DEMANDING. NEEDY. DANGEROUS. Slater is everything Talha doesn’t want but everything the crime lord needs. The bloodiest ripper of Anatolia, nicknamed Iblīs, kills for him and warms his bed. Stuck in a power play and a loveless, symbiotic relationship, Talha knows that if he shows weakness, he will fall at the hand of his own weapon.
THIRST FOR BLOOD, SEX, AND PAIN. It drives Slater crazy. Only Talha can soothe the deep ache that grows stronger every day. Slater allows Master to think he is in charge until Talha cheats by changing the rules of their game. But Master doesn’t grasp that there’s no escape from Iblīs’ affliction.

The first book in the Reapers Series. Can be read as a standalone.

Editor: Emma Jaye

Cover design: Sublime Novels

GENRES: Contemporary, dark M/M romance, thriller.
TROPES: Gay for you, mafia boss/assassin
THEMES: Assassins, mafia, psychopaths, power play, a masochistic character, forced proximity, dub-con

Release: May 29, 2020



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