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Yugo’s interview 2024

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Sometimes later....

Thank you for coming back Yugo. 

Is Kuon around as well? Will he join us later?

With a hum, Yugo glanced at the naked frame of his tired lover. A powerful bend of the scarred back was edged in blue where the prominent muscles caught light. His hands were tied behind his back with a necktie. His body twitched.

With a predatory smile, Yugo licked his lips. 

He won’t.  He decided to take his time with thinking and … egg hunting. *grin*

Scratching his cheek with his flipper, Seal nodded a few times. 

Aha… Okay. So, our readers sent you a lot of questions. Let’s begin.

Have there been anyone else you’ve been as obsessed with as Kuon?

Obsessed, hm? 

Yugo put an ankle on a knee and rocked his foot in the air. With long, slender fingers, he fetched a cigarette out of his breast pocket and lit it with a silver lighter. Aromatic smoke spread through the room. His gray eyes followed every twitch of Kuon’s body with avidity before he replied.


There should be a more accurate term for it, but no.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this interested in anyone before. With Mio around, keeping permanent partners was complicated.

Intriguing, given Mio is still around. What do you think it is that makes Kuon so special?

A smile stretched thin lips before Yugo let out a swirl of gray smoke. 

I always ask this myself yet can’t really find the answer. I guess, it’s the look in his eyes. The fire and challenge. Or so it was in the beginning. Now, it’s a different kind of fire–one that doesn’t promise instant death. I just love the way he looks at me and the honest emotions that he doesn’t know how to hide.

As you’re now serious about Kuon, are you considering getting a real job?

Gray eyes narrowed in cold dissatisfaction.

A real job???

Eek… *frantically looks around, then goes for his best smile* You know, leaving your criminal career behind and becoming an accountant or someone Kuon would appreciate?

Appreciate? I don’t see myself changing my ways only because Kuon doesn’t like it if that’s what you (or your readers) imply. I worked hard to get where I am. I’m not gonna change.  And mobster is a good job. Respectable too. It comes with certain perks where you can silence those who run their tongues.

Got it. *throws flippers in the air* A totally decent job. Sadly, without a pension. By the way, about that.  Any plans for retirement?

People like me seldom have the luxury of retirement. No plans, at least until Mio is ready to take over the business. I didn’t build the empire for nothing, but with the way he behaves, that won’t happen for another decade.

Does it sadden you? Do you wish to be out?

Yugo chuckled, attention to the screen, and shook his head. 

No. If not for this job, I would have never met Kuon. This job is my life. I was born to be who I am.

But someone has to give in. If not you, do you see Kuon working at your side in the future?

Resting back into his beige ostrich leather chair, Yugo looked up, a dreamy expression on his face. The sharp moment seemed to pass, and the seal relaxed as well. 

That’s my hope. In book 3 we discuss such a possibility, but it’s up to Kuon to make the final decision. He doesn’t seem too sure about it. 

That’s understandable. but the more time Kuon spends with you, the more people will notice him. Do you see Kuon, or even Mio, being used as a way to get to you? To hurt you? And if so, have you ever considered doing something about it?

That’s already happening, and it concerns me deeply. Mio knows to be wary, and how to guard himself against unwanted attention, but Kuon is oblivious about the world we live in. There will be some hard-learned lessons before he realizes that his actions have consequences, but I don’t want to spoil the book for you.

Since most of the questions, one way or another, were wrapped around your relationship with Kuon, here’s another one for you. I’m quoting: “Has Yugo ever used a couple name generator on the Internet? If he hasn’t, I did it for him.”

Yugo rolled his eyes.

Do you actually need a generator to combine 2 names that consist of 4 letters each? Millennials… SMH 

Okay, this one I gotta quote as well.

“Will you marry me? You can whip me as much as you want.”

Kuon lifted his head, threw a glare over his shoulder. Yugo grinned, content rolling off him in visible waves. Grabbing his phone, he ran his fingers over the screen, and a muffled moan cut the silence. Yugo gulped, attention fixed on his lover.  

Tempting, but I already have the ass I’d want to whip for the rest of my life.  

Yugo dropped the unfinished cigarette in the ashtray, then licked the bitterness of the smoke off his lips as Kuon growled into the bedsheets.

Get them out of me. NOW!

Kuon chat ava100

I think it’s time for you to go, Seal. We shall continue some other time. 

*indistinctive flipper shuffling*