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Kuon’s interview Part 2

A hand leaves the armchair, replaced by an elbow. Mouth resting on his knuckles, Kuon sinks into his thoughts as his gaze strays to the left, exploring the dark wood interior. 

While Yugo is away, let’s talk about Gray. Do you have a plan to tell Yugo who your brother is?

Once more, Kuon rested back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest. 

One day, maybe? It’s not the right time anyway. Some might say Yugo and I have known each other for a long time, but in fact, we are just a little more than strangers. It’s too soon.

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Are you afraid of what Yugo will do when he finds out who your brother is?

That’s correct. Gray and Yugo have been rivals for too long to believe in such a coincidence.  I don’t know how he will react, and until I do, I won’t take that risk.  

Kuon chat ava100

Do you recon Yugo will see it as a betrayal, something to use against Gray, or will he understand you and recognize the fact that you chose him?

*Shrugs* I honestly don’t know.

Kuon chat ava100

What are your dreams about?