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Kuon’s interview Part I

Kuon's interview

Hello, Kuon, Yugo. It’s nice to see you both. Thank you for agreeing to give our readers another interview. Before we begin, how are you doing? How have you been?

Occupying Yugo’s office chair, Kuon scratches his temple. His bicep bulges, stretching the white T-shirt. His dark eyes watch Yugo, who perched himself on a couch armchair, with a mild annoyance and a silent request. 

Never been better, can’t you tell?

Kuon tilted his head, eyes never leaving Yugo’s face. 

Yugo… Don’t you have anything better to do? It’s my interview. You already had yours.

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Why? Do I make you shy? 

No. You make me annoyed.

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Deal with it. You were present during mine, so don’t expect me to miss on yours. *grins* I’m staying.

After a brief battle of wills, Kuon scoffs and turns away.

Whatever… Let’s begin then.

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Sure… First, I’m glad to see you removed your eye patches. How are your eyes healing? Did your vision return?

A slow head tilt from one side to another looks like Kuon is shuffling his thoughts or taking a moment to reevaluate his condition.

Still healing. Everything is a little foggy and distorted, but it’s getting better day by day.

The prognosis is also good, but I still see you like a giant gray fish. *grins*

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Ouch! You could have lied…

Anyway, it’s nice to hear you’re getting better. I wish you the quickest recovery.

I assume you’ve already seen yourself in the mirror?

Kuon nods. His fingers twitch in an attempt to touch his face, but he rests his hands on the armrests. The brownish, uneven skin under his eyes creases as he fights back a grimace. 

Is it hard to accept the way you look now? 

A quiet creak rends the air as Kuon sinks his fingers into the soft leather. His jaw hardens, mouth thins out, and knuckles whiten. Yugo’s gray eyes frost over as he watches Kuon’s reaction with utter attention. 

I’m still dealing with it. It certainly would complicate things, like finding a job and so on, but I’m not a woman. It’s not the end of life for me.

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Is it difficult to let Yugo see your face?

The air seems to chill a few degrees as the pause stretches. Kuon no longer looks at the seal, but at Yugo, as if considering if he should reply, but finally, he nods. The scowl on Yugo’s face deepens, but he doesn’t interrupt. 

It was.

The uncertainty was the worst because while he saw me, I had no idea how I looked, and what his expression was like.

I couldn’t help wondering if he pitied me, and if that was the reason for his sudden kindness.

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Yugo’s head tilts to the side as if he is waiting for Kuon’s verdict, but the crease between his brows clears, and a brow twitches up, as if daring Kuon to accuse him.

Since you’re still here, I assume it’s not?

Not breaking the eye contact with Yugo, Kuon nods.

It’s not.

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Does it mean you’re happy with how things are now?

A smug smile plays on Yugo’s thin lips as he circled his wrist in the air, demanding a reply. Kuon chuckles then scoffs. 

It’s only been a few days since I moved in with Yugo, so it’s too soon to say.

I feel conflicted about some things, but hopefully, it’s just the jitters of anxiety this place gives me. 

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Conflicted? Could it be you have flashbacks of what Yugo did to you?

Kuon stiffens. A distressed look crosses his face as he searches Yugo’s eyes. His reluctance to answer is so vivid that it daunts the mood in the room. 

Tread carefully, Seal, or I’ll make a carpaccio out of you.

It’s fine. I’ll answer. 

I do. This place holds a lot of memories. Things like this are hard to shrug off.

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Did you discuss this with Yugo?

Avoiding Yugo’s searching gaze, Kuon shrugs.

What for? Let’s say I try not to get fixated on the past, so there’s no reason to talk.

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What about Afghanistan? Quite a few drastic things happened there. Did it cause you any signs of PTSD? Flashbacks? Dreams?

Not as much as one would expect. Going there was my decision, and I don’t regret it. I assume that helps a lot with accepting the consequences.

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Slipping off his seat, Yugo crosses the room and snatches the sheet with questions out of the seal’s flippers. The paper is soaked with salty water, and ink runs at places.

Enough with heavy questions. Give me that. There should be something lighter.

So rude… *angry seal sounds*

Oh, I like this one.

Do you see Yugo as yours forever?

A suspicious look settles in Kuon’s eyes.

What? No one asked that. 

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I assure you, they did. So? I’m waiting…

Yugo’s gray eyes shimmer with laughter and expectation. His good mood returns, while Kuon’s darkens. Heavy pink touches his ears as he watches Yugo with clear mistrust.

That’s ridiculous…. You’re my forever pain in the ass. Everyone who’s read the books knows this.

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Yugo chokes on his saliva, then starts laughing. Seal is trying to keep his face straight but it keeps slipping. Kuon looks at them in confusion.

Well, you can say it like that. But I wouldn’t be this direct.

Huh? *goes green then red as the realization hits* Fuck you both!

This interview is over.

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Kuon storms out, slamming the door with passion. Seal and Yugo exchange the glances. 

Well… Thanks for nothing. I really should consider changing your role in the book. Maybe Rick should take a lead? 

Yugo cocks the gun. Seal bounces out of the door.